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by Until Extinction

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Solitude 02:08
Putrefaction 05:24
As the dirty fingers of unrest Probe my consciousness A shroud of decrepitude Envelops my mind Those who once preserved me Flee for fear of consumption The pestilence has come A sickness non-corporeal A demon internal A horde of maggots crawling Through synapse and cortex A bilious thought excretion A tearing of laughter Psychosomatic leprosy The sky is growing angry My grave has dug itself The gods are losing patience Waiting for me to fail I feel myself becoming All things unclean, impure Completed putrefaction A century endured I will never forgive me Consumed by festering thought A swarm of flies my consort In gangrenous victory My future vomits forth Pray now to be One again Whole inside Restored
Another chapter poorly scribed The author tries to shred the page But the paper’s razor edge Leaves his fingers sore and bleeding But this story begs completion And these words won’t write themselves They must not go unwritten lest His years of toil be lost to waste The heaviest burden is his will To put to paper all his fears And let them stare him in the eye And wrap their tendrils ‘round his neck Screaming How did I let this slip away? Perhaps this bottle holds a clue My gun is asking questions now Perhaps I’ll let it ask them of you One lie One thousand tears One thousand lies One death The sun Departs Still he sits Laboring in vain To mend his damaged words And will the ink to leave the page
Where did it start? You once were so perfect The apple of every man’s eye Now you’ve grown old Dim, fat, and worthless An icon for all to despise As has been said Soon shall above be below Great in the past Defeated at last The modern day ice age is now Emblems of bright blue and red Fade to a cowardly white The tempest arrives and is gone Pity the dragon Her ancient scales rot Once the scourge of the land Now a joke Her fiery breath An inferno divine Now comes out in small black wisps of smoke Don’t tell me you’re proud Proud of what? There’s no dignity, pride to be had As you crouch o’er your dwindling hoard Shield your eyes Lay down and die As has been said Soon shall above be below Crippled and cursed The best shall be worst The wyrm damned to soon die alone Frost to mist No gray area Pull the plug and be done with it Drawn here for all A symmetry axis Between restitution and vengeance Paraplegic yet running the race Waiting to be trampled under So many years, they’ve waited so patient Now they gather ‘round to watch you die Shield your eyes Lay down and die Shield your eyes You’re sleeping in the eye of the hurricane
Sold To the lowest bidder They know not what they do Forsake now function for form Cold Nights are growing bitter Beasts with grace ne’er imbued What’s in their pocket keeps them warm Pull aside the veil that hides it Priceless gift, precious curse All evil’s root Is it worth the price? What slim reward Can justify our future’s murder? The Ark In the hands of heathens At rest in lands profane The whore of Babylon Our god Packaged, shelved, bar coded Nothing risked, nothing gained Turn our will to carrion Dead beside her a small reminder Of the wars that were lost Whence came this perverse fantasy Now banished to the great abyss? For countless war crimes, granted amnesty What good can hope to come of this?
Lament 02:28
Hindsight still can’t uncover When we forgot how to be free Emancipate us, amputate us From the bonds of slavery Dread belies the façade of our tranquility With temporal process slowly rotting us away And now we’ve buried me I close my eyes Entombed again it seems we’re Lining up to die An endless blade incision No anesthetic What have you done for me? All intentions pure The road to hell Every ending spoiled by Eventual disrepair And now we’ve buried me I close my eyes The rules don’t change Nor have you Oh, my seraph cyanide Does it hurt to breathe When the mirror looks you in the eye? Is it hard to scream With a voice that knows only to lie? Endosymbiotic Perishing in unison Parasite Paralyzed Paradise in flames One more day since I was God One less day until I’m dust
Oh mother dear Where have you gone When we needed you the most Our ship is sinking All the lifeboats washed away So long ago I can’t remember Should we keep on sailing, Keep on sailing? No! Trim the sails Hold tight Drop the anchor Abandon ship To the icy depths We’ll march Down to Neptune’s door Entombed In the crushing deep we’ll stay Better there than here I’ll not see my progeny Subjected to another day of This candid camera view We fall down It’s not funny anymore Elusive words That can’t find their place Will fall like whispers upon deaf ears But sink or swim They’ll know where we stand Be it on the shore or buried in the sand below Beseech these seas Please relieve me Time on my side These stars my bride In time The sun will call out to her dormant sister And pull above, leaving us dry and wasted After all, were we not promised to Leviathan as But simple gifts to exploit as she see fit? Take this life This bottled shipwreck cries Subservient and dull Longing to return Despite Our impending graves in sight We long for wave and brine Let the storm come with no fear Ah, the end is calm As now we’re no longer part of This candid camera view They fall down It’s not funny anymore Elusive words That can’t find their place Will fall like whispers upon deaf ears But sink or swim They’ll know where we stand Be it on the shore or buried in the sand below
Epilogue 04:18
Having tasted life My mouth turned sour That familiar nausea returns To break me To shake my will Listless, Lifeless and cold One remedy One solution remains God turns his head and looks away Now My life is mine I hold the cards I choose to burn them all Smile as you watch from below I write the final chapter Ah, your words once could carry me Now they will bury me NO Solace NO Salvation One last breath and I’ll be free From this GONE Forever I proceed to memory Excuse the mess I hope the inconvenience is forgivable No sorrow please This is my greatest moment Confused, I’m sure We choose to plod through days We take for granted I’ll take no more Another day lasts no more
[untitled] 01:16


Until Extinction's first full-length album.


released March 12, 2010

Recorded by Josh Evans. Music and lyrics by Jake Thiele.


all rights reserved



Until Extinction Saint Louis, Missouri

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