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by Until Extinction

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Plague Pestilence Suffered to live by an act of regret Swarm Malignance Infected and leprous and blind An abscess, a festering hole A Venus with bubonic pustules adorned Branding, scarring, piercing the flesh Pitiful, selfish and trite For once in a lifetime all the pieces falling into their place To watch another childhood burn Surmising grace, unchanging Silhouettes caress the flames that Consume their words Let it all burn Corona dentata Helios oscura Abortionist, clandestine kill Adonis with cancerous lesions arrayed Crawling, begging, following blind Pitiful, weak and benign There is no phoenix to rise from these ashes No messiah to forgive us for what we’ve done There will be no rapture to rescue us from a dying planet Only through suffering can we heal Let it all burn For once in a lifetime all the pieces fell into their place To watch another childhood burn Surmising grace, unchanging Silhouettes caressed the flames and Consumed their words Let it all burn
Watch as I turn time to dust again See the final tower fall Oh Lord, for these our sins We deserve your eternal punishment Father, for these your sins My footprints in the sand are traced in blood Leading to surrender Suffer Sulfurous air I breathe Writhing below Only the dead have seen the end Like shouting in tongues Cacophonous shrieks assail deaf ears Fear them not The wounded will be left behind The wounded will be left behind To rot in our sight Martyred to spite The foolish who seek contentment Oh, how art thou fallen, Babylon! See the dust that gathers now upon your shrine Turning away, burning away the shroud That covers our eyes The truth in discord will lie Peace still comes solely through entropy Sleeping horrors in the corners Of eyes that shrink from all they have wrought The silence a prelude to torment Decision in remission The wolves now prowl through the forests of discontent The cold night weeps for thee
Malice 04:23
If I offered you my life Would you take it please? If I offered you death Would you come with me? If I sold my pride Could it buy a memory? And would I be alive Or just like every single broken cold machine I’m taking and breaking apart? At the queen’s behest Painting roses red They all wilt away As I’m stepping through he watches me The clock grinds to a halt Suddenly she falls asleep Let us count the faults ‘Ere we choose our sides Desolate, insensate, inconsiderate Cerebrate, contemplate, and retaliate Focus on what is most unimportant Selfless, helpless, is there any difference? If it isn’t broken, no need to repair it If it isn’t broken, don’t fucking repair it Grinding to a halt Set the traps in haste All the pawns in place As the rain subsides Shall we finally finish this game? Time won’t fly As we’ve exscinded its wings But when the first heart stops The clock restarts The time has come, my little friends To talk of many things Of guillotines and shallow graves And severed puppet strings Will there be tears or jubilation? (Will) there be sun or winter storm? How does the story end When malice in wonderland arrives?
300 04:28
I've built my bridges And burned even more Forgotten more than I know Now that we've drifted So far from the shore I'd rather weigh anchor and go Seven years dissonance And one more of song With barely a penny's reward Seems there's a difference ‘tween where we belong And where we have come to be moored 300 days and 300 nights Seems like a thousand or more So after 300 days and 300 nights Can't there be 300 more? Sleeping in gutters Has lost all its charm The rain never fails to find me now Unwilling passengers Men overboard We'd swim if we just knew how 300 days and 300 nights Seems like a decade or so So after 300 days and 300 nights I'll call this place home no more When the smoke rises from our graves They'll sing no songs in our honor Departing the faithful seems untrue But I've no one left to save
Tempus Fugit 04:02
Tried to live In a house without windows Tried to clear The temple of all sinners Tried to see The sun without it blinding me Tried to hide all the lies Soon the daylight will go on its way And we will be the stars that defy the dark Tried to lead On a path without straying Tried to hold The future in a bottle Tried to see The storm without it drowning me Tried to bind the hands of time Soon the daylight will go on its way And we will be the stars that defy the dark One moment in silence Will kill us if we let it As fleeting thoughts take us home A loathing betrothing Us to the end As broken wings fly again Soon the daylight will go on its way And we will be the stars that herald the dawn
Where have the monsters gone? You said, you swore, you would wait for me Should I return, my crown to reclaim Nonexistent, hardly breathing You shame me through yourselves The past is broken The pile undone No sword in my back, but none by my side The legions indifferent, the battlefield empty A win by default, a loss in reality So far I’ve traveled, nowhere have I gone Young and the restless, the old and decrepit The ravens that stood on my shoulders have flown Scavengers watching, they remain with me To herald my coming and see to my end Bound, gagged, masochist machismo Held back, left to wander now… Here where the wild things aren’t The forests weep in silence Even the sea for solace moans Its shores are tainted Only the ghosts who haunt it know Only they remember Now Venus in limbo, Vulcan’s forge silent Redemption, rebirth Sweep the vermin from the earth Rebuild the fires of the past Inception in turns Receive but what we’ve earned Invert the sacred, revere the iconoclast Our sanctum defiled, our paradise vanquished The idols we placed on our altars have crumbled To dust in this desolate, forsaken wasteland Bled but unbroken the veins now swell shut The castles we built, the ground where our children played Burned or abandoned to time and decay Left like a whore on the side of a roadway Beaten and bloodied and fucked into her grave Bound, gagged, masochist machismo Held back, left to wander now…
No Sunshine 02:30
Comfort in silence Hills once white now hued with wilting violets Three thousand days and I'll regret them all except for one And all I've done And what would I give To have this torn from me These filthy towers Erected in my name And what would I do to tear asunder all my memory These hands don't ache to grasp your throat These eyes aren't painted crimson These walls aren't begging for your blood And your sins have been forgiven My tome of lies I’m tearing pages under darkening skies See the curtain fall on this sick tragedy of one Before it’s done Sleeping now in silk adorned Nailed onto the cross I bore Porcelain, a frozen sea Quells the flames that burn and rage in me
Through forests by starlight I sought to unbind The ghost I had captured And held in my mind Bisecting cloudless skies The dread star Wormwood fell With ignored prophecies in tow In ovine vestments To the slaughter came the wolf A covert curse from Eden thrown So gilded my coffin So dark was the shroud Before the nails were driven Destined for the ground A sentient corpse-to-be A living mannequin Revive it, breathe the life in now The walking dead becomes a Lazarus in lace The rot within shows not without Suppress the sorrow, be still Let tomorrow redeem you Immersion The worst is yet to come A silver wraith Now rakes its golden claws across our backs Perversion The Virgin weeps alone outside the gates Her sorrow drowned by laughter as the cross evaporates Yet we never cared Promised all and recanted For a fallen angel’s sins Are many And seldom repented A lunar revelry, a dance slow and spiteful The snakes come squirming, but no threat to survival Raising maypoles fit but for one’s amusement Eyes are shut, fists are clenched, make the viable useless The sky glows red with shooting stars burning molten Falling uselessly to earth like dry, leaden abortions No matter the end There can be no refusal What’s done is done before it’s done A siren’s song never heals The wounds it’s inflicted What’s done is done, never undone Morrigan’s child, a raven in vitro Spawn of the ashes, a phoenix malign Cemetarial diseased plague hound Now face this, the sword of mankind Cleanse all your sins and cauterize trespass As your god cleansed Sodom by fire Masterpiece; medium: hot coal on flesh Chasten the tongue of the liar Swimming in seas Of red and unconscious A dreaming? A truth? So little importance Removing viscera, untwining sinew As songs ‘ere unheard are so fervently sung Hysterical, myriad curses are spewed As eternity ends and the remnants are hewn Moloch! Belial! Claim now your servant’s life Such indignant pride from one who now plays host to flies Take back your child Fat from the seeds sown in it The land is leeched, the crop soon dies


released January 25, 2014

Recorded by Josh Evans. Lyrics by Jake Thiele. Music by Until Extinction.


all rights reserved



Until Extinction Saint Louis, Missouri

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